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11 February 2014

The atmosphere around us is constantly emiting harmful vibrations in the form of positive ions for e.g. They leak out from various electrical sources and penetrate our aura. This over long periods of exposure can alter the balance of the spirit and body's equilibriam. We can see these distortians clearly by dowsing over our energty centres known as chakras which is sanscript for wheel with a pendulum. Chakras when un balanced disrupt the etheric and physical bodys own natural rhythm and hinder our natural defenses when energy stagnates.This causes stress, feeling tired, run down, lack of life luster. Using crystals/gemstones we can free up this stagnated energy as they have the ability to hold and send out energy. They can turn the positive ions back into negative ones restoring balance once more in the aura which reflects back to the physical. A little bit like rain after an electrical storm. I am a fully qualified crystal healer and if anyone is interested in giving it a go i promise you'll be amazed by the results. Prices at the moment start from £15 for 1 hour. inbox or phone for appointments xxxxxx

25 September 2014

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9 September 2014

Friendly and inviting energy you never know you might be pleasantly surprised xxx

2 September 2014

ring for an appointment on 01257368146 or for more information on...  

1 September 2014

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29 August 2014

20% off for new clients xx

28 August 2014

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27 August 2014

Suntana spray tan Friday £10 thats £5 off guys, ring the salon on 01257368146 for an appointment x x 

16 August 2014

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16 August 2014

Poko dot gel toes 💫🌟✨

12 August 2014

Get your toes in tip top shape, twinkle toes also available 👣👣👣👣😜